Sunday, October 18, 2009

break in


2 days ago, received a test message from ummi, asking me to call home if have any credits.unfortunately, i did not have any. kakak pun dah habis skype credit, and aniza's calling card dah zero. so i let it pass. fikir-fikir, mungkin adik2 tengah gaduh, and ummi wanted me to help by talking to one of them.

then, this morning, baba replied to my comment on his fb wall, "Ok pity you. There was a break in at our house. I lost my notebook at the family room kat atas.Was working till late left the notebook on the table kat tengah tu. Masuk thru one of the windows, disarmed the alarm, armed it again, disarmed it again and later disarmed bypass the main door. Somehow he has one of the codes. Called mak nyah and the Bukit Aman came to investigate. Take all the possible fingerprints. Suspected someone that has access to internal info. Thanks to all the neighbors. Now back using kakak's 1st notebook. The compaq. Now back to work. Pray hard for our safety. Esok raya rumah kak Yah abg li and che pah. Tadi gi kenduri kawan baba Tuan Haji Nordin. His eldest Abd Aziz was ex AlAmin first batch. Yg kawin ini Fatah junior sikit kot."

innalillah. it is so scary. even pemegang amanah pun boleh mencuri. hu. dunia oh dunia.

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