Thursday, December 24, 2009

epic adventure II

dah selamat sampai pukul 7.45 am pagi tadi alhamdulillah. When I typed this, I thought the adventure ends there. tapi tak.heh. tengoklah kalau rajin update.

currently busy dengan preparation for tomorrow and saturday.


Bismillah. At the time I was typing this, I was still in montreal, when I should already be in a chicago-hongkong flight.


Kami bertolak dari apartment fa sebelum subuh, naik metro, then naik pula bas. Alhamdulillah, the journey was much much shorter than expected. Solat subuh dalam bas.

We arrived at the airport few minutes before 7am, but the line for united airlines was just super long, that I decided to check-in using the express check-in machine. There, I got my boarding pass. The machine clearly said that I have checked in. Went back into the line. Beratur lama, queue tak bergerak sangat, and around 730am or 8, one of the officers announced for passengers boarding the flight to chicago 830am. But my flight was scheduled at 845[checked my eticket a couple of times], therefore I ignored the announcement, and remained in the line. The girls and I took pictures together, and they were about to leave.

It was close to 8 when I finally got to the counter. The person behind the counter was just like “you missed your flight”. The flight sched was indeed changed to 830am. She had the ‘malas mahu layan’ attitude. I thank Allah for the girls were still there with me. I said no way, it cant be. Argued with the officer a little bit, and she was like “blame your travel agent. They should have told you. Its their responsibility. How would we know you are supposed to be on this flight?Its not written on your forehead”. She added that me chekcing in doesnt mean anything, since baggages are more important than the person, and I havent checked in may bags. Turned out to be, a small family of three and a young couple were facing the exact same problem. The father of the small family screamed at her just minutes before. Cant blame her for her attitude then. I couldnt help but synically thanked her. Merci beaucuop madam.

Then we went to another officer, who was a little bit more helpful, but he could not find any replacement flights. The earliest would be to fly out the next day.

Only then I called baba, informing him what had happened. I thank Allah for baba was so calm, or I would have been more nervous. I broke down nevertheless.

The helpful officer tried to help, but he just couldnt find me a seat. Ummi baba dah pasrah, they were trying to get me a replacement flight, and the cheapest route was 1400cad. Mind you, that is the cost for one whole new return ticket. I was feeling guilty, and said no. Ummi baba told me to focus again and again. I was losing it. Kata ummi, “kalau dapat tinggalkan counter tu sekejap, pergi solat hajat,”.

In the meanwhile, I was trying to call travel cuts[my travel agent] again and again. The guy in carleton’s branch was so sympathetic and helpful, but he said since i bought the tickets online, theres nothing he could do as he doesnt have access to my files. He wished me best of luck, and gave me few phone numbers to try [main office for travel cuts, and the online booking helpline].

It was so long before anyone picked up. During the whole time, fa and sarah were trying their best and suggested many ideas both to me and to the officer. Shida was by my side the whole time. Alhamdulillah again.

Eventually, a woman from travel cuts voyage campus picked up, and told me it is my fault that I didnt check for latest schedule for the flight 72hours prior to departure. I argued that I just received the upated version of my eticket from them recently, so I thought that would be the final one. She passed me to another person, who never picked up. I called united airlines helpline, and they said its just impossible to put me on anything by today. Again the earliest would be the next day, and even then I have to pay 155cad, a fee for rescheduling my flight.

My phone was giving me problems before it went dead. I couldnt make phonecalls to malaysia. [More than a couple of hours had passed since I was told that I missed my flight, and I was on the phone constantly since then]. Ummi called shida’s number and made me go to the counter to ask whether I will get any refund fee. The woman replied “but you missed your flight,” repeatedly to everything I said. That effort was useless.

Fa was not satisfied, she went to the officer again, and suggested many ideas, till the woman finally said she could put me on a waitling list to chicago, then rebook flights for chicago-frankfurt-singapore. For free. She warned that it would be very risky, since I have to hope that a person doesnt show up for that flight. She then changed her mind to its just impossible since I have a check-in bag with me.

Fa then asked if she could put me on the waiting list for the following flight to chicago, the woman did not reply. She remained silent, and continued typing. Suddenly, sarah ran to me and asked for my passport. The woman rebook a whole new route montreal-new york-singapore. Alhamdulillah it was for free. I could not thank God more. Air mata berguguran, we hugged eachother, and I straight away went to find a place to do sujud syukur. My first target was the washroom. I prostrated in front of the toilet. Di kala dahi mencecah lantai, I was only thinking, yes, indeed, i am hina, even with a confirmed ticket at hand, His will is much more powerful, He can do anything, and I am His slave.

Broke the news to baba and ummi, they couldnt believe it. Checked in my bags after getting my boarding pass, then went to get some lunch with the girls, and sent them off at the bus stop. I later went to search for the multifaith prayer room, it was kinda an open space, but there were only men in there. I left right away, but a brother called me back and told me to just pray there. There was a jamaah going on, I followed, and went straight to the departure gate, got through the customs without too much problem, alhamdulillah. I am just too tired for any more adventures.

And seriously, dah fobia dengar perkataan chicago. I am currently still waiting for my first flight, and yet sakit kepala dengan tahap dahsyat dan sudah mula rasa penangan mahu demam. Allahumma afini fi badani. Thank you fa, shida, n sarah for being there for support, and for helping me out. I would have just given up if you guys werent there. I did tell ummi that I dont want to go back anymore. Tawar hati. Barakallahufeekunna.

I hoped to learn something from the long journey, and indeed I did. A big lesson indeed. Jangan remehkan doa ketika musafir, jangan remehkan solat sunat musafir. Jangan sombong, kerana nyata kuasaNya lebih besar. And, err, call the airport the day before your flight is scheduled.

Fa, I hope you pass your exam tomorrow with a hundred percent insyaAllah, aamiiin. Today, we witnessed that just anything is possible, if He wants it to be that way. Shida and Sarah, semoga kalian selamat tiba di ottawa inshaAllah. I cant thank you girls enough. Sorry for making you sacrifice your study time[fa], and your rest time[shida sarah] before the function at the malaysian embassy tonight.


1402pm, montreal airport, gate c81.


  1. alamak. sedihnya. T_T
    bru faham sket amende y da jadi..huhu

  2. "a long journey, may it teaches me many things."
    and yes, a big lesson indeed- istainu bissobri wassolah. thx fer the sharing. Allah bagi kte rasa susah sekejap, so that kte dpt nikmati rasa best yg tk terhingga! cant wait to see you. inshaAllah.

  3. Huhu. Sabar itu mmg indah. MashaAllah. ana rasa, kalau ana pun maybe dah sangat amat pressure kalau xde sokongan n dorongan dari kwn2 time tu. Mmg akan jadi mcm nt , xmau balik dah dan give up. AlhamdulilLah, mmg sahabat2 tu penting saat2 ni, di kala keluarga jauh merentas dunia.

    Sangat suka post ni! Banyak pengajaran yg boleh dapat~

    Mabruk sbb anti sangat tabah melaluinya even byk liku2 yg harus dilalui. DemiNya dan demi kakak n family jgk kan?:D

    Sangat respect yg part nak sujud syukur tu, mmg solat kat situ je eh?i mean xde prayer room or else tmpt khas utk solat? sukaa camtu.

    Terjawablah soalan ana knape anti x fly lg pada hari yg sepatutnya :)

  4. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiDecember 25, 2009 at 1:15 AM

    ok bila baca balik, byk gila grammatical errors. takpe, mesej sampai. heheh. ditaip dgn penuh emo.

    erm, kak syaz, sebab nak cari prayer room takes time. nak sujud time tu jugak jugak. huhu.