Sunday, December 27, 2009

epic adventure III

ni sambungan.

from montreal, departed to newark. alhamdulillah takde delay as far as i remember. sampai, super lapar dan penat. but first things first. went to search for singapore airlines counter, dan tunggu ia buka untuk check in. masa tu sungguh tenang, as i thought the biggest problem that could ever happened already happened.

kaunter bukak, gave my eticket, dan tiba-tiba muka orang tu berkerut-kerut. i asked her, "is there any problem?" she just replied, "yes, there is a problem,". i totally respect the way she was so professional. even when i asked again, she did not tell me what the problem was, until she called united airlines, and she was sure that there was no way out. only then she broke the news. she said, "your ticket is economy class, theres no economy flights flying tonight, theres only first class and business,"

then i went to seacrh for united airlines counter pula. had to take the airtrain back and forth. went to an old lady at the counter, dengan sengaja pilih dia, because she looked so kind. she was. she then sent me to her manager. the guy was alhamdulillah super helpful. tapi sudah tak mampu tahan air mata. texted baba. the guy said to upgrade, you have to add 4k cad. the next available option is he is going to put me on a flight to chicago-hongkong-singapore the next day, exactly like my original route. he said, "this is ridiculous, the people in montreal should never send you here,". he then gave me a hotel voucher for the night.

but first, i had to go to singapore airlines first to get my checked in bag from montreal. alhamdulillah, there was no problem. the officer i met previously was still there. again, she was superbly nice and she was really concern. alhamdulillah. she asked me to sit down, and she checked on me a few times while we were waiting for my bag from the flight. she then asked, what are you going to do next? sangat terharu.

got my luggage, alhamdulillah. kalau tak terpaksa ke hotel tanpa coat. the hotel was nice and comfortable. tika itu, i was on the phone with ummi at all times. slept for four hours, then woke up and got ready again. ummi pesan, "remember, we are only a phone call away,".

went to the airport at 430am. sampai, alamak, lama pula airtrain kali ni. the day before it was every 3 minutes. i waited for the airtrain for almost 15minutes. sampai terminal, the line was super long! dah sangat cuak, sebab macam an ulang tayang of what happened in montreal. akhirnya, sampai depan, and it was my turn. tiba-tiba tidak boleh pula. kata the officer, i have a paper ticket, maka perlu ke kaunter manual.

beratur lagi sekali, this time the line wasnt moving. one hour 15minutes to my flight, i was seriously nervous. tidak mahu miss the flight again. asked help from the same officer who told me to go there. finally, one hour to my flight, she told me to go to the previous line i was in, and she would help me. atleast, that line was moving fast.

lined up again. pukul 620(my flight was at 7), finally got to the front, the officer quickly helped me to check in manually. terus tanya gate berapa, dan tanpa peduli orang, terus berlari ke gate. sampai depan gate, the line for security check was again, long. dahlah kena bukak kasut, sweater, scan tudung etc. selesai sahaja, terus berlari again ke boarding gate, and it was already opened. alhamdulillah, i reached there just in time.

flight ke chicago and ke hongkong both delay sejam because of snowstorm. but everything was fine afterwards. alhamdulillah. hanya during the flight hongkong-singapore i get to eat. sampai di kl, baba sudah tunggu dengan makanan di tangan, he hugged me while laughing and he said, "macam manalah jadi sampai macam ni,".


  1. subhanallah~ wut a long journey. sangat tabah n berani. huhu. xtahu lah kalau ana kat tmpt nt, ape jadi.hee.

    btw,mmg betullah kata org,jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan dan sangat luasnya bumi ciptaanNya ni.

    hehe,comel je ayah nt smbut dengan mknn ditgn. for sure they now u're super hungry! ;D

  2. tikah..i was reading with tears, imagining how it wud be if I was in your shoes. subhanallah, u r so strong, my dear.hmm..*stilll mood sedih ni..huuuu.

    ada hikmah sebalik everything yg terjadi ni.I know, there must be sumthing Allah wanna give you.I just know.i,A :)

  3. seriously sgt sweet the way yr parents support you. huu.

  4. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiDecember 31, 2009 at 7:03 AM


    farra:bile awk ckp cmni, kite ttanya2, adakah kita dapat the special lesson Allah wanted to give me?huhu. masih mencari2 sebenarnya.
    =( doakan kita.

    khazinatulasrar:itulah kan, Allah design for each of us masalah yg unik dan lain untuk hambaNya yg lain. Maha Besar Allah, boleh handle berapa juta penduduk bumi ni at one time. subhanAllah.