Tuesday, February 9, 2010

seeing others

cp-ed from duha's blog.

An old man was sitting in a train with his 25 years old son..
the train was about to leave the station
and all of the passengers are settling down on their seats..

As the train started to move,
the 25 year old guy was filled with joy and curiosity..

he was sitting next to the window
with one hand outside of the window
feeling the air blowing outside..

"papa!! see..all the trees are left behind!"
he shouted.

the old man smiled and admired his son's feelings

beside the young man
was a couple
sitting and listening to all of the conversation
between the old man and his son.

they were staring at the boy
and felt strange towards his behavior like a small child..

"Papa!! look at the ponds..and animals around it.."

"look the clouds are moving with the trains"
again the boy shouted..

the couple looked at the boy in embarrassment..

now it started to rain..
the water drops touches the young man's hand..
he closed his eyes and smiled

"Papa..it's raining! the rain touches me..look papa!"

the couple couldn't help themselves
and started to ask the old man

"don't you pity him?
why did you bring him in front of other people if you know that
he'll be laughed at by other people?"

"why don't you visit a doctor and get him treated?"

the old man replied calmly,
"yes, we just visited a hospital..
and today my son got his eyes for the first time in his life"

firstly, don't judge others only by first impression..get to know them first..

secondly, sometimes we always jump to a conclusion about other people's problem without knowing the real problem..we think that they haven't try to change but actually they do..and only God knows..we're only humans right?

a lesson for atiqah.

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