Sunday, March 28, 2010

a sweet 'coincidence'


i was tagged by dila on facebook yesterday. it was a video by boona mohammed, for the love.
i strongly suggest you watch it. :)

i had to rush out of the house right after watching it, to go to an event at ottawa u. it was called, Hear the Call. 5 speakers were there for the event, but I was only aware about baba ali. guess who was one of the other 4?boona mohammed! mashaAllah, it was a great suprise for dila and me. alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

and for me who just read about hassan albasri yesterday, for the story to be mentioned again in the talk by imam muhammad jabbara, was another destined coincidence.

i did record many of the poems boona and Anonymous recited, but i did not record baba ali. hehe. malas. no offense, but baba ali was my least favourite speaker for last night. imagine how awesome the other speakers were. =p i'll copy down my notes later, but these quotes were written on my hand. perlu salin before luput dek usia. =p

Wowwww, I met boona!who cares, man?really!-boona.
to what is worthy for Thee, Allah, not for me. -boona, in a prayer.
if the whole world is blind, who'll you impress?-boona, in a beautiful piece about muslimaat.
you watch the commercial(dunya), and you forget everything about the movie(akhirat)!-boona.

and all videos by the 19 year old aicha lasfar were great![stalkers ottawa, cam tak siapa ni?hehehe]

Hear the Call is to regain sponsorships for orphans across the globe as they lost 60 sponsorships due to last year's unstable economy.

sangat murah dan mampu je, its a dollar per day, or 300dollar per year. to sponsor a child for a month, it is 60cad. please visit


  1. like seriously korang meet boona??
    I'm super-like-madly jelous okay!
    menyesal tak pergi :((
    saje je
    and yes!
    aicha lesfar did post great and informative videos.LOL :PP

  2. aicha 19y.o?? 0.o tak tahu yang tu.

  3. wah..akk..bestnya..~~~
    kte bru tgk video boona tu..sweet btl..hahahaha..best2..
    jzkk,akk :)

  4. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiMarch 29, 2010 at 12:33 AM

    shida:hehehehe. but all his vids are on utube. i guess u just missed one poem, as that isnt online anywhere. tajuk dia beautiful, yang sungguh best! ouh vids sister aicha teared me up a bit. hu.

    dila:info tu thanks kepada stalker tegar sh*** a***. haha =p

    ainur:jom2 share kat ramai2 org :)

  5. lol.tegar tak tahn
    hah,ade salin tak poemnya semlam?
    sile pass!
    eh!kalo ko record pon best jugak tuh.
    hehe :D

  6. sungguh comel budak iniMarch 29, 2010 at 4:50 AM

    i hate u
    but i love u



    never hate u dear..

    please dont hate me, kay??

    love u

  7. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiMarch 29, 2010 at 6:51 AM

    ada record, tapi dah kena warning takleh upload. heh.
    nanti aku rajin aku transcribe n kasi kat ko. cd boonaa pon ade gak, mira tgh pinjam.

    comel:may He who is the cause for you to love me, loves you too. :)

  8. ada warning yeh ak leh upload?? kita main upload je baba ali tu.. hikhik.. ingat yg boonaa yang 'beautiful' tu je tak leh upload~ :P

  9. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiMarch 29, 2010 at 8:16 PM

    aah dila!yg beautiful je xleh upload.hehe

  10. super like the 4th quoteeee!