Saturday, April 3, 2010

three orphans


by imam mohamad jebara during Hear the Call.

1. The greatest orphan in the world, as you probably have guessed, is muhammad bin abdullah saw, the prophet.

2. Another very successful orphan, is muhammad bin ismail, a very famous scholar in islamic history. you have never heard of him?muhammad bin ismail is imam albukhari. the hadeeth he gathered is considered as the most authentic source after alquran and ahaadeeth.

3. Muhammad bin idrees, a scholar every malay knows, was also an orphan. You don't know who am i talking about? muhammad bin idrees is imam shafie. He wrote so many books and contribute so much in islamic knowledge.

imagine if the child you sponsor becomes like these great orphans. the child then spreads so much knowledge to the world. imagine the reward you would get, continuously, even after you pass away. no banks, no stockmarkets can give you that much reward.

bersedekahlah, berinfaqlah, sebarkanlah ilmu. kata pak udi, tiada hari pun harus berlalu tanpa anda memberi sedekah. i miss those days, when everyday he would ask whether we have given sedeqah or not. if we haven't, then we are asked to go walk outside, to find someone to give sedekah to. indeed, a fun way to try make it a habit.

you can sponsor a child here


  1. subhanallah..jzkk kak tqah diats peringatan ni..huhu..
    kdg2 sibuk sgt mengejar dunia sampai lupa nk bersihkan harta utk akhirat nnti ^_^

  2. a very good way indeed to remind us.
    tenks :)