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Ahmad was a part of a big event's organizing committee. something techincal came up, he had to settle it, fast. he looked around for volunteers, to help him with the task. he found one doing nothing. he approached the volunteer, and asked, "i need a favour, can you please follow me?", expecting the volunteer to stand up hurriedly and help him complete the task.

instead. he looked at Ahmad, questioningly, and replied, "what is it that you need help with?"

Ahmad was shocked big time, but he answered, "why, if the task is not favourable to you, then you don't want to help?"

the volunteer:"yes, as i have a right to choose what i want to and do not want to do."

Ahmad just smiled, and walked away.
discussion:patut atau tidak Ahmad buat begitu?

jika anda rasa tak patut, mungkin anda akan memberi jawapan2 di bawah:

1. we cant be judgemental, the volunteer probably has his own reasons. if he is not good at doing a specific task, then why would even bother to try?

2. maybe he had other tasks at hand.

tapi a nice simple rebut would be, seorang jundi, jika jelas tujuan dan matlamat hidupnya, akan sanggup buat apa sahaja demi mencapai tujuan tersebut. buat apa sahaja, whether it is desirable to him, or not.

ciri pertama jundi:sanggup buat apa sahaja demi mencapai tujuannya, yakni mardhatillah.
ciri kedua:patuh arahan ketua.

as was told by syeikh ahmad khalil at long bay camp.
jundi = kader = parajurit
mardhatillah = redha Allah

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