Thursday, July 22, 2010

biased is sometimes a good thing

"The information we get from it (the media) is never neutral or innocent, it is always-and I mean always-biased."

"There is no way to represent the world in a way that doesn't also advocate a particular-and neccesarily biased- picture of the world" -Debbie Lisle in Chapter 7 Global Politics.

With that said, I apologize for this blog is biased to the owner's point of view.

Baru sedar sebenarnya I was biased all along. condong terhadap cinta DT, alhamdulillah. May this lasts forever InshaAllah.

Studying while listening to Summer Rain makes me feel like I'm in my room at home(Malaysia). Payah nak explain, tapi best. Macam dalam bilik waktu petang yang hujan lebat. Thanks, semut :)

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