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kadang-kadang kita rasa tak bersedia, bimbang diri menjadi hipokrit. kadang-kadang kita rasa kita belum mampu, masih mencari kekuatan yang hilang. ini bukan paksaan supaya kamu membesar, ini hanyalah untuk provoke inner thoughts.

Q. How can one get over the mental thought “let me just skip [insert good deed] this time, I’ll do it later?

A. “Tasweef” the arabic word for delaying doing things is a common trick of shaytaan, in fact it is one of his best tricks yet. It sounds so good to delay a good deed until the ‘perfect’ time arrives, but the perfect time will never come. The perfect time is now!

Also remember, that each day that goes by without you doing as much good deeds as you can is a day that’s gone foreover and you’ll never see again till the day of Judgement. So how do you want to see your days on the Day of Judgement? Full of good deeds or with empty slots because you kept ‘skipping’ good deeds?

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  1. hai sayaaaaaang.. kte suke lah.. :) thank you sbb slalu bagi reminder2 cmni.. <3