Sunday, August 22, 2010

a new sister

A few months back, a girl proclaimed her shahadah in front of many IAW(Islam Awareness Week) volunteers. The sisters then smothered the girl with hugs and kisses, and we introduced ourselves to Sharrae, the new sister in Islam.

A couple of months later, I saw her in the musolla. She had a hijab on, as she had just finished praying. She got me talking, but it was merely small talk. Minutes later, I realized that I have seen her before, and remembered that she was the sister who reverted in front of everybody. Then we got into deep conversation and it ended with us exchanging phone numbers. But that was about it.

Another 2 months after that, I stumbled across her in the library. She is a staff there, and she just came in from her lunch break. At first, we just looked at each other and smiled. But I knew that her face is very familiar. After a split second, she called out my name, and it clicked in my mind who she is. (I couldn't remember her name though, I had to go home and go through my phone book to find out :( ) . It was a day before Ramadhan, so we talked about Ramadhan preparations, of waking up for sahur, and where to do tarawih.

This time, she gave me her blog address(which is very interesting to read), and we promised to do iftar together inshaAllah. Now that we have met several times, we do keep in touch via text messages alhamdulillah.

Knowing reverts, you might think you are able to teach them many things, or at least, answer their questions regarding aqidah and fiqh matters and more importantly, give moral support. But instead, what I find is, I learned more from them, than they learn from me. I make a lot of mistakes too along the way. May Allah forgive me, bless all of them, and make it easy for them in their worldly matters. May Allah make all of us steadfast and increase our iman by the day inshaAllah.

err, ini bukan gambar mualaf ya. hehe. ini gambar rindu.

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