Monday, August 2, 2010

of people

nak abadikan di sini sebelum terlupa. some interesting people i met at Muslim Sumer Festival, MSF.

1. The human resource coordinator of the huge event is a first year engineering student at carleton. speaking in terms of logam, dia ni logam yang tersangat hebat tahap platinum barangkali.

2. my group leader (a group of 16 people) is also a first year student at carleton, one year my junior in biomedical engineering. and group members sangat vary, from perfectionist to very playful, i wouldnt know how would i survive if i were him. not only that, almost everyone in the group is older than him by a year or more. at the end of the day, alhamdulillah most people agreed that the team was the best team anyone has ever worked with.

3. One of the important guys coordinating this event works with Canada Revenue Agency, but he still has time to do these kind of voluntary, unpaid work.

4. an old guy commented on a poster on ibnu sina and other great muslim scientists. basically pakcik tu tanya kenapa tamadun islam jatuh dan tidak lagi hebat sekarang? he then said he leaves the question for youngsters like me to figure it out. later during the day, he came back to the booth, and asked, "do you now have an answer to my question?".

5. a white canadian lady came to our booth and asked where can she get a 'muslim girl' magazine. she so badly wanted to bring it home to her daughter. the way she put it, i think her daughter is not yet a muslim, or a non practising muslim. bersungguh-sungguh dia nak 'berdakwah' pada anak dia.

6. a lebanese guy came with his wife and commented on a 'muslim women contribution' poster. he mentioned a few names and asked if i know any of them, which i happened to not know any. he hesitated a little bit, but when i said i am aware of a few syuhada's names in palestine, he then explained, the names he mentioned were with hizbullah.

7. a muslim lady commented on the 'muslim girl' magazine. kata dia majalah ini bukan membentuk peribadi muslimah pun, lagi merosakkan adalah, (kerana sgt liberal dan imej2 muslimah yang dipaparkan tidak mengikut syariat). which i agree with, but the magazine was discontinued anyways.

8. another muslim lady asked if i know why the magazine was discontinued, to which i replied, "probably because of controversies". She then said "yeah, our society is so full of controversies, thats why muslims are not progressing,"

9. a young lady came to the booth and was so interested in everything. i offered to look after her daughter(sleeping in a stroller) so that she can look around(our booth consists of 4 tents). she spent at least a good half an hour there before her husband came and panicked seeing the stroller without the wife.

10. an arab guy came and asked me to explain what our poster was about, he apologized for he speaks little english, but asked many questions anyways. he then brought 5-6 of his friends to the booth and started to talk about the posters to his friends in arabic. alangkah amannya dunia kalau semua orang ada semangat seperti dia.

11. a random guy came and demanded, why khadijah radhiallahuanha was not mentioned on the muslim women contribution poster. (The poster was on women who contributed in this decade, or atleast after 1970).

12. A father came with his daughters and pointing to one of them, he told us, "if you want to inspire muslim girls to wear hijab, here is one. She is all yours. Please,"

one of the countries participating in 'country exhibition' was Palestine. Their exhibition was huge! They even received an award in one of the categories contested. oh Malaysians participated too. thanks to the new vice president of Malaysians at Carleton :)

volunteering with MAC(Muslim Association of Canada) this time around has made things clearer to me, it gives an answer to the Qs 'why am i doing this', and 'why do we have to approach the society'. ukhuwwah teras kegemilangan. alhamdulillah. semoga tidak terlalu lambat. still, my priorities will always come first inshaAllah.

p/s:gambar semua curik dari dila.


  1. atiqahmohammadkhuzainiAugust 2, 2010 at 10:52 PM

    @kima kelmarin, 31st july.

  2. salam.
    wow sangat menarik!
    best! :)

  3. salam atiqah,

    nanti bila RIS, tryla apply jadi volunteer CAIR-CAN.