Saturday, October 1, 2011


Asy-syahid Syed Qutb's turning point was when he saw that the west celebrated Imam Hassan al-Banna's death. He was back then very secular.

US is now bragging about their success in terminating Syeikh Anwar al-Awlaki's life. Does anyone want to make this THEIR turning point in life?

p/s:Wallahua'lam how true this piece of news is. They said the same thing a while ago.


  1. dunno kima. kite dah tak heran ngn news mcm ni, mls nak percaya. but still, the reality is, dia manusia, dia akan meninggal juga, semoga dia syahid inshaAllah.

    i was really influenced by his talks during my early berubah period, so if he really did pass away, this syeikh already left a huge impact on me. now i guess it's my turn to continue his perjuangan pula. huhu.

  2. Salam. I think maybe it is important to mention it here. No doubt, in my opinion, his lectures on the Sirah and the stories of the prophets are one of the best series available online in English (and one of the longest too, Dr. Bashar Shala is longer I think).

    However, just be extra caution with his ideology and notion pertaining to jihad and extremism. This is a sincere advice given by a prominent western scholar and he is one of the instructor in the Al-Maghrib Institute. Wallahu'alam.

  3. Ws, thank you for the advice. may all of us be protected from fanaticism to any one sheikh/institute.

    p/s:Sheikh al-Awlaki's followers warned ppl against one specific intructor in Al-Maghrib also a prominent western scholar. They just dont see eye-to-eye i guess?

  4. The reason why I mentioned he is the instructor of Al-Maghrib is to narrow down the scope so that you can guess who the Syeikh is. Now, I don't think it is worth to hide the identity. Read this article, it is written by the Syeikh.:

    I apologize if my previous comment have the characteristics of being fanatic to any institute or whatever. I don't have the intention to show any fanaticism here.

    The Syeikh made a comment about Anwar Al-Awlaki in one of his lecture (not in the above-mentioned article) and I attended the lecture. That's why I think it is important to mention the point here.

    p/s: Both of them were born as American.
    p/s2: So far, I heard Syeikh A's followers warned people against Syeikh B. I heard Syeikh B's followers warned people against Syeikh C. I heard Syeikh C's followers warned people against Syeikh D and etc. I guess everyone is warning people when there is someone in the public preaching different ideologies than what they are preaching. In humble opinion, be open-mind, everyone has been given the ability to differentiate good and bad. Whatever is good we take and whatever bad we leave it. Wallahu'alam.