Monday, September 3, 2012



it takes two to tango. it cannot be just a one sided-effort.

Synergy requires one to take some time, and motivate his or her other team members to want to achieve the same thing, and to make efforts towards the same goal. Most of the time we are too impatient to wait, and we want to just face the challenges head on, without pausing to synchronize with the rest of the team.

Consequently, one will easily burn out early in the race, as he tires out physically for doing ten men's job on his own, and will be emotionally exhausted from seeing others contributing nothing while he sweats blood.

'mahu' perlu dicetus. 'mahu' perlu di sepakati. setelah itu, akan terus infiru!

"knowing 'why' gives added values" - prof emeritus SOA. he graduated from saskatoon!

p/s: terima kasih murabbi mencetuskan mahu.
pp/s: Allah suka kita bersinergi. Allah suka mereka yang bekerja dalam saff seperti bangunan yang tersusun kukuh 61:4

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  1. idk why, when it comes to the word synergy, it will reminds me to the purpose of BM! someone did use this word and relate it to BM a lot but I can't remember who, where and when..