Sunday, February 24, 2013

because of few lashes


kata-kata abu haytham kepada imam ahmad, salah seorang mujaddid islam. this conversation happened when imam ahmad was on the verge of giving up, after being lashed and humiliated in public for doing what he did.

"i'm abu haytham
i steal for a living. i rob people, that is what i do.
and i have been lashed, eighteen thousand times because of my crimes. but i haven't stopped doing what i do.

i serve shaitaan, for the sake of the dunya.
i obey shaitan, i listen to what shaitaan tells me to do for the sake of material worldly gain
but i haven't quit just because of a few lashes (eighteen thousand).

you obey Allah, for the sake of the deen and the hereafter, don't you dare ease up on your stands because of a few lashes. 
don't you worry about a few lashes
i didn't give up robbing people because of lashes don't you dare give up a good thing because of lashes."


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