Friday, September 27, 2013



Been wearing too many hats lately, while only allocating two days/week-commitment for that specific responsibility. Hence I'm a little bit behind in my work.

Today a subordinate came up to me, asked point blank (but very politely) if I had some time. I made some time, so we sat together, and she brought up a list of tasks I delegated to her, asked further explanation about them, and even reminded me of things I needed to follow up with.

She ended our impromptu meeting with a note, "Feel free to DELEGATE any tasks to me".

Awesome followers' traits?

Tell me about it.

This is what I call good synergy. "Following is NOT simply drawing all your needs from the leader! Following is NOT just doing what you're told!"

Your superiors aren't perfect, so work with them TOGETHER. Other qualities of good followers? Master self management skills, be independent on certain levels, and think critically.

note to leaders: "You cannot climb the levels alone, take the best with you". And there's this pygmalion effect aka the self fulfilling prophecy. Husnuzzon!

last but not least, good follower is a mu'min's trait, jika dia benar beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat.

'Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, taatlah kamu kepada Allah dan taatlah kamu kepada Rasulullah dan kepada Ulil-Amri (orang-orang yang berkuasa) dari kalangan kamu. Kemudian jika kamu berselisihan dalam sesuatu perkara, maka hendaklah kamu mengembalikannya kepada (Kitab) Allah (Al-Qur'an) dan (Sunnah) RasulNya - jika kamu benar beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat. Yang demikian adalah lebih baik (bagi kamu), dan lebih elok pula kesudahannya'
[An-Nisaa': 59]

Now, it's time our murobbis get some good followers eh? Let's be one!

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  1. love it love it mashaAllah.. short simple posts like these are ones which I'm "capable" to finish reading hehe.. love u fillah sis! hugs n kisses.