Saturday, November 9, 2013



Been wanting to jot this down for a while, but kept delaying. All praise to God, I guess there's no better time to write this than now.

At the start of the previous semester, my classmate and I vowed to make it a complain-free journey. But at week 2, we failed our own challenge, as we joined other classmates in complaining about life.

Then one day, I came to university prepared to moan again, but the classmate was just too quiet. She then told me she just came back from accompanying her grandmother to the cancer clinic, and seeing all the terminally-ill patients at the centre, she vowed to never grumble about life school anymore.

The second story happened on ummi's birthday. The 9 year old Skype-called me, asking me to assist her with her baking project. It was pretty complicated from the very beginning. The kid wanted it to be a surprise for ummi, hence she can't ask ummi where all the utensils were, and there was no other person in the house that could help her with that. I have been away for too long that I didn't know where ummi kept the new baking stuffs. But afifah managed it all, without a complain. I told her to not pursue it, but she completed Challenge #1-finding everything, without a moan.

She chose to do something that involved meringue. The first attempt was a complete failure. To be completely honest I was pessimist from the beginning, but didn't want to say it aloud. After 40 minutes of beating the eggs to no avail, she then got up to get new eggs, and tried again. This second attempt failed, again, which I realized almost immediately but not wanting to demotivate her, I remained quiet. The kid tried so many different ways to give life to the eggs so that they form peak. It took another 3 hours almost, before she said she was just going to put the mixture in the oven, hoping things would turn for the better. Even until then she was all smiles, very positive, and laughed at jokes.

But then, the oven was new, and between the both of us, we couldn't figure the oven out (in my defence it was hard trying to figure things out from a small mobile camera!) Only then, which was 4 hours since the start of the project, she gave up, saying she was tired.

And these, are the stories behind me being pumped up all week. Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah, for the lessons. When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. Just deal with it!

Now, lets move forward, while remembering our other brothers and sisters struggle, shall we?

p/s: ukhuwwah itu, dengan izin Allah, juga sangat menguatkan! jazakumullahukhoirankathira semua.

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