Friday, March 6, 2015



My parents made it a point to meet their sons in laws and interview each of them before we (my sister and I) even proceed with our taaruf. Well, mestilah kan nak kenal. But in my husband’s first meeting with my parents, he was briefed about my younger brother, ammar (from now on will be addressed as ‘our muzakkir’).

Back then I felt that it was unnecessary, I was even slightly embarrassed as I thought that my parents gave out too much information, as our muzakkir is a private family matter. I believed that my parents are inshaAllah going to live a long life, and we will discuss about his carer later on in life.

Oh boy I was so wrong. Now that muzakkir’s izzues are escalating, it becomes apparent that he is one of the major factors in every decision we make, such as where we choose to live, daerah for tarbiyyah, etcetera. Which obviously are something the husbands have to accommodate to as well. All praise to Allah for granting my sister and I very understanding and accommodating husbands. Alhamdulillah. Our muzakkir, is, after all, our sibling.

My parents were right after all, there are some matters you just have to clarify before marriage.

Ummu Hafsah.

p/s: My office carried out a language assessment test. And the result for my writing component was far from outstanding. I have to start writing again to brush up my flair for writing, inshaAllah.

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