Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why Hafsah

Why Hafsah, people ask. 

Muslim role model.

I’ve always wanted a simple two syllable name for my children. But I also want my children’s names to be an opportunity to educate others on muslim role models that are less known in our society.  So whilst looking for a name for my daughter, I read the Prophet Muhammad saw’s seerah, trying to look for an unpopular female companion’s name. The names were either too long, too common, or merely kunyas (ummu ___). So I moved on to read the history of the khilafahs, looking for a female figure that made major contributions for Islam. But they were mostly a repeat of the prophet’s companions’ names!

The quran keeper.

And then I stumbled upon the story of how hafsah was given the honor to ensure the safekeeping of the then written-but-not-yet-compiled mushaf. This was because she memorizes Allah’s verses very well – something I have always wanted for my own children! The fact that she was the quran keeper was new to me.  I then looked into Hafsah’s lifestory, and found out that she was THE prophet saw’s wife that was referred to in surah attahrim.

Humane personality.

I immediately fell in love. Hafsah did what she did (in surah at-tahrim) due to jealousy, which I find really humane. A personality that I can relate to, as I am occasionally an emotional wife (lol), and I make mistakes every single day. She is a beloved person to Allah as an ummulmu’mineen, but she has emotions, and she made a mistake (which I do so often everyday). Jibreel even testified to the Prophet saw that Hafsah is such an obedient servant to Allah, always fasting, praying, and gives sadaqah. All these show that even as an imperfect human being, we can gain Allah’s pleasure. It shows the rahmah of Allah, and how we just need to pray hard to attain it, biiznillah.

Hafs means lion.

Hafs is also ‘Umar radhiyallahu’anhu’s kunya, he was called Abu Hafs. Sheikh Google even states that this nickname of ‘Umar does not even have any relations to his daughter’s name, but was referring to his fierce personality. Allahua’lam.

So by naming my precious first daughter Hafsah, I pray that she will be as fierce as a lion in fighting for Allah’s cause, keeps Allah’s verses in her heart, and contribute to the ummah in her own way. Aameen.

p/s: From day 1 of life, the nurses and other people claimed that my baby is so garang with her extremely loud crying, and serious facial features. Indeed a name is a du’aa eh? :D

p/p/s: Only much later an ukhti pointed out that Atiqah was the name of Hafsah bint Umar’s mother (i.e. Umar radhiyallahu’anhu’s wife). I didn’t realize that connection previously. So sayang, we have bonded since 1400 years ago!!!


  1. Wahhh, baru tahu juga nama ibu kepada Hafsah R.A.

    Terima kasih atas perkongsian :)

    1. ada disebut dalam omar series (boleh tonton di youtube). best sgt!

  2. Wahh.. Nanti dapat baby second kena lagi banyak research la kak tiqah, kena setanding. Hehe the 1400 years bond is super sweet :) May Hafsah grow to be the woman she is named after!