Sunday, April 24, 2016

Atuk's last family day


I entered the zainal abidin family just 2 years back, when i married my husband. 2 years is pretty short, but its so easy to commit sins to people i.e. thru backbiting, dzonn, etc. May allah protect us from committing these sins.

In only 2 years, atuk made visible his care and concern to me, his granddaughter in law. When zauji accompanied him overnight at the hospital last ramadhan, he literally asked more than 10 times "qayyum, oghang rumah ekau macam mano?". We had to reassure him many times that i will be fine (i was pregnant then).

Come february this year, we had a bbq meeting to plan for a family day, which was all atuks idea. He even sponsored most of it, and even made a wasiat that his remaining money in the bank is used for future gatherings. He even went to recce the suggested place, which is a big deal since he can barely walk 10ms without his tongkat.

At the family day, he looked truly happy. During sukaneka, he went down from the kampung house, and walked to the side of the field just to take photos of his warigh having fun.

When parting, i was lambat and atuk already closed his car door, ready for departure. But he opened it again just to kiss hafsah so lovingly, multiple times, which waa a first.

And it was the last. He passed away the following morning.

My reflection from these series of events is that.. sometimes we feel that something is unnecessary. For example buying things for your wealthy parents (while you are struggling to make ends meet without touching your savings), or, helping out to cook extravaganza iftars as it consumes so much ibaadah time and energy, or spending your valuable weekend and petrol money to travel for family vacations. If it is still within your means, why not? If it makes them.happy, may Allah accept it as an act of birrul waalidain. Oppotunities for these acts do not last forever. Seixe them and utilize them well. They are our gates to jannah.

Catatan june lepas, apabila arwah Atuk tinggalkan kami secara mengejut. Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu wa'afihi wa'fu 'anhu

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