Friday, February 3, 2017

Buraq bahagia

Housemate asked if i can drive MIL's big car to fetch the inlaws at the airport. He will drive his dad's. No way jose hubby, too many things are at stake. 😂.

So I, proudly transported them in my myvi that i pay with my own titik peluh every month. Verily, there is sweetness in earning for your own expenses.

In a separate incident, my bosses were arguing whose car is the most uncomfortable.
An audi was deemed by its owner as merely a keldai, meanwhile a bmw 7 series owner said his was a keldai keras. So I asked them, then what is my myvi?

To which Dr. Tahir replied, it is your buraq bahagia Atiqah.

He couldnt word it better. It definitely is my buraq bahagia, which has received so many parking tickets from MPSJ, been to an event to meet Rosmah, and another event to Ketua Audit Negara's. And Buraq Bahagia was denied VIP parking at both events. 😂

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