Thursday, May 18, 2017

aaishah and fatimah ra

Since I was small, I hated and could not relate to many of the mother’s day poems.

Classic example:
“To those mothers who buttered sandwiches, and read books over and over, and over again. Split coconuts, or make curries, or milk goats”
Ummi was not the sole parent who buttered my ‘roti marjerin gula’ for my lunchbox. Half of the time it was Baba, while Ummi wrestled with my younger sibling.

Ummi was not always the one who read Companion of the Prophets stories to us at bedtime, as she was busy typing her PhD thesis away.

And I don’t think she ever split coconuts to cook, as she utilized packed santans to lessen her time in the kitchen.

Do these make her less a mother? Is it not enough that she carried me for 10 months, delivered me to the world in such pain, wahnan ala wahnin, difficulties after difficulties as Allah recorded in surah Luqman? She did not love us any less, and she grew us up to be determined to contribute to the society in whichever way.

Let’s stop stereotyping mothers. We have Saidatina Aa’ishah ra who gave fiqh and hadeeth classes to the society as an example, and we also have Fatimah binti Muhammad radhiallahu ‘anha who worked her hands for her family.

Both were very different, but both were dearest to our qudwah Prophet saw.

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